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Interested in having your bathtub or ceramic tiles refinished? Toronto Tub & Tile Refinishing specializes in this amazing durable process without the hassle of any demolition. We virtually can refinish your fixtures to any desired color of your choice, and to take things to a whole new level we now have an imitation granite  look finish for your ceramic tile refinishing project. Why spend thousands of dollars in replacement costs when you can have your bathtub refinished in less than 3hrs for just under $400 with a written 5 year warranty. No matter what condition or color your bathtub or tiles are in we can have it looking like new again-no problem! We have  countless amounts of satisfied customers, thanks to the quality of product we have used for over 10 years with a proven track record and great results. Our spray on non toxic acrylic glaze provides that new glossy surface and is ready for use in just 12hrs. Another advantage from our product is that it is mildew resistant. Remember the mold and mildew that you would get in between the grout? Well that will no longer happen after this process, no need for abrasive strong cleaners anymore a simple mild soap or cream liquid is good enough to wipe on and wash off!


  • Existing caulking around tub area is removed.
  • Overflow cap is removed.
  • Etch is applied to the bathtub to ensure proper cleaning & bonding purposes.
  • After the etch has settled for a few minutes, hot water is required to wash it off .
  • Liquid neutralizer is applied to deactivate the etch from working a step most companies lack to save time & money.
  • After a few minutes the neutralizer is washed off with hot water.
  • Bathtub is dried off completely with paper towels.
  • Complete bathroom is masked with paper to prevent any overspray during the process. Another process lacked by most companies to save time & money.
  • Bathtub is  wiped down with a sticky tack cloth to pick up any remaining dust debris. 
  • Drain is masked with tape and cut around perfectly to prevent from being sprayed.
  • Strong powered exhaust fan is assembled & vented thru a hose to the nearest window available. This will eliminate 90% of the smell involved in this refinishing process.
  • Bathtub is now ready to receive a 12oz primer coat. Primer must settle for 5 minutes.Bathtub is now ready for a 24 oz topcoat finish which will be applied in 2-3 passes. 
  • The process is now complete & the bathtub is now ready to use in 12hrs! 


The product of choice is the EP-Acrylic system manufactured by Integrity Coatings out of Dallas, Texas. These are the finest products that we know of available today used by over 250 refinishing companies world wide. Repeatedly giving exceptional results in varying tests in different conditions for more than 10 years, Integrity's products have proven their quality durability and safety over time. They are isocyanate free for the protection of technicians and clients alike.

We have been in relationship with the manufacturer for many years, and continue to find their products the best for our industry. Their research and development programs also continue to release new products that have been very well received in the industry.


  • Avoid continuous wetness from items such as bath mats left on surface without drying out between uses.
  • Bathmats with suction cups should not be used.
  • Clean the finish regularly with soap and sponge for proper surface conditioning.

Please note: all newly refinished surfaces will have some surface dust, which will have settled into the new surface.  The surface is still within its curing period; normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor surface dust marks.

  • DO NOT lay soap or metal bottles, for extended periods of time, on the finished surface.
  • DO NOT use hair dyes in bathtub.

         Be sure that your faucet taps are dry and not dripping after using the fixture. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely.  Leaking fixtures will void the guarantee.

  • Waiting period: The new finish needs at least 12 HOURS to cure thoroughly.
  • Customer is responsible to apply caulking before using the Bathtub.
  • Our surface can be regularly cleaned and sanitized with a good liquid cleaner of your choice.

Do not use cleaners that contain abrasives, harsh acids, or bleach. Most worn tubs, sinks and tile become worn and dull due to using abrasive cleaners rather than surface aging.






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